“A Story From The Founder”

A Brief Story Of Overcoming.

Brain Surgery, Heart Attack and Emergency Heart Surgery in 8 Weeks- That’s quite a plateful to get passed your way. Well in 2017 that happened to a person I know well and love. That person is me. A few close friends were the only ones that knew. Most online or offline had no idea I was going through that. I’m not one to post on Facebook pictures of the journey or tell everyone. I was never going to tell people until encouraged by close friends to do so. Had no reason to. I move through life’s challenges, ( have had plenty) as we all have them. A couple years ago I began having symptoms on the side of my head and face. They found it was a rare condition ( go figure 🙂 I asked what do we do as I tried almost every alternative. They said you will progress to being disfigured if we don’t do brain surgery to relieve a compression on your brain stem. Really? WTH?  I’m a speaker. So I said let’s roll. No doctor in California had enough experience to perform the operation so I packed a bag and flew by myself to Pittsburg Pa. to have my skull carved open. ( sounded like a blast ) They completed the operation and I flew back to San Diego to heal up. Ready and excited to get back on track. Never shared it with anyone but a few close friends. 8 weeks later to the day I woke up, had breakfast and it felt like someone shot me in the chest. I was thinking, come on, really?? I’m having a heart attack? Me Mr. Vitamix? Not overweight. Work out. Never smoked. I hit the floor and was on my way to signing out. Luckily a friend was there and called 911, they rushed me off to emergency heart surgery. I was not scared or angry. Just more like...really? I just had brain surgery! The surgery had put such a stress on my body that it stressed my cardiovascular system as well. Bam. Down I went. So after they did their emergency heart surgery and my second time in ICU in 8 weeks. I once again went home to heal up. Almost no one knew. I just moved through it. How? Well... of course medical intervention saved me. Yet I pondered with my years of training the human mind, maybe I have now become my best project for a reason. So I began the normal healing regimens and began an intense integration of my own techniques to accelerate the mind body connection.

Within a couple weeks I was on my way back. Again only a few knew. On Facebook no one
knew. I amazed the doctors with a rapid recovery and attitude from all of it that spirals many into a depression. I was not depressed. More in disbelief. Now only a few months later I am healed. The support of those who knew is valued beyond anything. All tests are perfect and the doctors are amazed at the rapid come back. All good. I share this because of the encouragement of a few close friends that urged me to. I usually just deal with life and move through its curves on the way to the destination.

I hope that this will inspire you to overcome, be positive, and know your own mind is also a
powerful healer. You can and will craft a loving, purposeful life regardless of the challenges you face. Now get out there and live!

-Jim Lutes