They Have Moved Into High Gear….You?

Funny, I was talking just the other day to a guy that went to one of your seminars. I thought $2000 was expensive, but he said it was the best investment he ever made. I may come to one of them. Maybe not that one, but I will do my best. When will you be in the Las Vegas area?

Rick -

Hey Jim,
18 months ago I was living in the hills of Tennessee, bored to death, and a slave to the business I had created… then I met you, we became friends and I adopted some of your philosophies and WOW!!! Today I live in Encinitas (N.San Diego) and watch the sunset with my soul mate every night (she swears it sizzles when the sun hits the Pacific). I owe it all to you… Thanks for EVERYTHING, you new best friend,

Jaime -