Knowledge is Power…Right? Well Knowledge is also Profits!

Mastery Dynamics currently offers two programs to take your business to the next level.

Marketing Fusion Seminar In this 2-day intensive you will be exposed to all of the concepts and marketing power that Mastery Dynamics has to offer. You will learn how to “Synchronize” personally with your company vision and become your own best ally. This alone has doubled companies sales. Your company's current marketing strategies and presence both online and offline will be examined and re- thought out. Expect to leave with tangible results that can be implemented immediately. Get ready for explosive growth!

Creating Demographic Dominance

  • Aligning your print, web and personal outcomes

  • The Millionaire Programming that HAS to be there

  • JVs and how to maximize them

  • Perception Creation and Inside Out Strategies

  • Creating a Customer Profit Faucet

  • Hypnotic Persuasion and how to integrate it

  • specifically into your company

  • Compound Marketing and Profit centers

  • ...and much more


Sales Synchronicity Seminar:

No matter what the business..Sales have to take place and grow. In the one day S.S.S. you will learn Rapid Fire Marketing Tactics that will allow you to get moving on increased profits. Overviews of world class marketing will be taken to ground level so they can be used with any size business. Actual sales processes will be explored and you will learn the secrets of how to apply them to your business in all your web, print and verbal exposures.

The result? Bottom line profits for your business.

  • How to capitalize on “Initial Response”

  • Using hypnotic language in your copy

  • Creating “ Mini- JVs

  • Posturing yourself and your business

  • The critical 90 day cycle. And much more in this power packed day!

  • Web secrets only the pros know

  • Creating multiple profit streams

  • Branding for USP

  • ...and much more



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