Tuning Your Mind Power

Most people I talk to say they want to attain new levels of success, I tell them to put their imagination to work,visualizing their goals as if they are already happening. Talk to yourself as if you are already achieving that success that up until now you’ve only dreamed of.

One of the most powerful components in using your mind for success is the feelings involved. Imagining success without mixing in massive amounts of positive feelings is nothing more than a mental exercise. If you supercharge your visualizations and affirmations with faith, gratitude, passion, or excitement then suddenly you have a powerful life changing tool. That tool of the mind is simply the imagination.

Many of us are in the habit of using imagination, thoughts, and feelings to produce negative results. Often times we aren’t even conscious of doing it. Much of what’s wrong with our lives has been directly created by our own negative use of the imagination, backed with negative feelings. From here on out, when you catch yourself using the imagination negatively, stop yourself and start to visualize and affirm the positive. Back it with positive feelings, and you are on your way to creating a compelling future.

Keep doing it if even you don’t think anything is happening. Sometimes the magic may happen overnight, but it’s not uncommon for it to take weeks or months to start happening. Realize also, that it often comes a piece at a time. It can be incredibly exhilarating and exciting to watch the pieces fall into place day after day.

Make it in the present moment. It’s important to start thinking of success and goals in the here and now. When you always think of success as something in the future, then it is always something that you don’t have. Think of success as something that is happening right now. Don’t think “I want to be making $10,000 per month,” think “I AM making $10,000 per month.” When you are visualizing the success you want, try to get into it so much that it feels like it’s really happening.

Make your goals big, but not too big. Visualizing something that is so big that it seems downright impossible, is not going to get you anywhere. You don’t want to be constantly wrestling with thoughts that are counterproductive, such as “There is no way on earth that’s going to happen.” Start with something that seems possible and attainable so that negative imagination in the form of doubt can be kept to a minimum.

It’s important to develop the habit of awareness in regard to negative thinking because using the imagination begets results whether we use it negatively or positively. The less negative resistance that your positive use of imagination has, the better your results will be.

Don’t worry if sometimes you just can’t fight off that bad mood. Nobody is positive all the time. The key is to make the time an energy you spend on the positive, far outweigh that of the negative.

Remember to imagine success, fuel it with positive feelings, and keep on doing it until it becomes habit. Don’t underestimate the most powerful success tool in your arsenal, the imagination. sign on for my newsletter and lets get success moving!!